What people are saying about my blog.

ZdkC3iTE “its a brilliant and insightful blog written by a brilliant liberal. I thoroughly recommend it.” – Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and MP for Westmorland & Lonsdale

 “really enjoyed your blog post about being a young candidate” – Jo Swinson, Former MP for East Dunbartonshire 

“Eastleigh may have lost a Liberal Democrat MP but it has found an incisive and thoughtful blogger. Hanna Ashworth’s blogs are well worth reading. Two, in particular, resonated with me.

One is “The Green Deal” (Aug 4th) where she clearly sets out the danger of the Conservatives throwing away the Liberal Democrat legacy on energy and climate change. The very sad fact is that just as we were seeing an alternative and sustainable energy policy becoming effective Osborne is throwing it all away.

 The second is “Mental Health” (Aug 1st). One of the things we can all be immensely proud of is Paul Burtsow’s and Norman Lamb’s dedication to changing the culture on Mental Health. I have always hoped that my Private Members Bill on Access to Mental Health Therapies may have contributed a small amount to this. Of course there was still a long way to go but we were firmly on that path but I am now extremely worried that that the Tories will throw all that away. Hannah’s blog about it is well worth reading.

 I can heartily recommend Hannah’s intelligent contributions to our party’s debate and wish her well.” – Mike Thornton, Former MP for Eastleigh 


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