The Liberal Youth 2015 election: What I can offer!

Hannah Ashworth manifesto

After much debating and convincing from a very good friend. I have finally found the confidence to stand in this years Liberal Youth election to become a member of the policy committee. Through this article and my manifesto. I would like to present to you what I would do if elected member of the policy committee.

So why did I decide to run I hear you ask? I’m not running in this election to boost my career in politics. I’m running to help the younger generation have their voices heard. I care passionately about helping the young people have their say. I like so many other young people care about the future of our country. And I believe that the Liberal Democrats are the right party to keep our country fair and stable. Like Tim Farron said “We joined as a vocation not a career choice!” and I honour this statement.

Communication is key within the Liberal Youth to keep members up to date with new and exciting polices. The main feature of my manifesto highlights how I would use technology to get as many members of the Liberal Youth involved within the policy committee as possible. Mainly by creating social media events by using tools such as Google hangout by hosting monthly sessions.

By doing this, I hope it will allow many Liberal Youth members to have a say on what they think of our polices, what they would like to see us discuss at committee meetings and what they think we could improve on. Every Liberal Youth member deserves a say on the committees decision making. As without the Liberal Youth members, we would not have the privilege of holding positions within the Liberal Youth.

I would work alongside the policy officer, no matter who that may be. To make sure that our policy system is fair and orderly. Working together with other officers is key to allow the Liberal Youth to the best it can be and allow us to do everything we can for our members.

Another useful tool I would use to keep members up to date with the policy committees work is by posting updates on this very blog. I believe that all Liberal Youth members should be kept up to current speed with any work we are carrying out and any polices we are currently discussing.

I am already overwhelmed with the amount of support I have been receiving from other Liberal Youth members. With such members as Terry  White (Who is also standing is this election, but for International officer) commenting:

“Hannah is bursting with ambition and no new member is bursting with ambition as much as Hannah is. Hannah’s social media feed has been non stop with creativity and the great liberal message. If there’s anyone who deserves your vote for policy committee, it’s Hannah.” 

And Callum-James Littmore commenting:

“Never in all my life have I met someone with so much passion, energy and charisma as Hannah. She is a fiercely loyal liberal who certainly knows how to fight a good fight and is just one of the many great examples of young Liberal Democrats now making their voices heard. 

What makes Hannah unique is her sheer ability to smile and get on with things, no matter how difficult or disheartening they may be. She has also shown herself to be a dab hand at Social Media, a skill we need to greatly capitalise on in the Party

Thus for me she is the only candidate for PCM who strikes the balance between ability and experience almost perfectly, bringing both fresh, new ideas with an individual panache that I feel will invigorate those she interacts with to really help establish a connection and link between both the active and disconnected members of the Party”

I hope through the Liberal Youth election I can show how committed I am to helping the parties future and helping the younger generation have their voices heard within politics.

A vote for me, is a vote for dedication and hard work. That is a promise.

Please support me in my campaign by liking my Facebook page, following me of twitter, sharing my manifesto. And by using the hashtag #Hannah4policycommittee.

Thank You 🙂


Better together: Why Britain should stay in the EU!

One of the biggest decisions that will be made in this current Government is. Should Britain stay part of the European Union?

As their is expected to be a referendum held in 2017 to decide this matter however some people have even speculated that the vote could place as early as next year. The EU referendum played a massive part in the Conservatives 2015 general election manifesto with the Liberal Democrats stopping any chance of a referendum taking place during their time in Government with the Conservatives from 2010-2015. And In my opinion WE SHOULD  stay part of the European Union. We are better together!

When people are deciding to vote if they think we should leave, they should think about not just the benefits of staying in. But the effect it could have on the nation as a whole if we did decide to leave.

One of the biggest factor if we left the European Union is the effect that it will have on the British economy. UKIP have it in their head that we would be able to survive. I don’t think we would. As Britain counts for less than 1% of the worlds population and less than 3% of global income.

I’ve heard some people mention that Britain would actually save money as the Government would not be paying the £55 million fee a year to be part of the European Union which could be spent on other sectors in Britain such as the NHS or education. But when you actually think about it, £55 million isn’t that much for this current government. So you can’t use that one UKIP!

Many British businesses are in favour of staying as part of the European Union. A survey carried out by the Financial Times should that of 3,800 businesses earlier this year found 63 per cent believe that leaving the EU would have a  bad impact for Britain, a rise of 4 percentage points since the end of 2014. As the EU is one of the biggest trading partners and the largest consumer market in the world, so leaving the European union would pose a big risk. Last year alone Britain exported £147 billion worth on good and services to countries that are part of the European Union. Down by 2% from 2013.

So as you can see. Britain would not be able to be economically stable for long if we left the European union as we would lose vital trading relationships between other countries that are part of the union with us.

There are other vital factors that could effect Britain if we left. Such as EU consumer laws which provide for refunds or other solutions  for customers when they are not happy with a product/service. For example in cases involving defective products, unfair contract terms or flights that are delayed or cancelled. As with employment and environmental laws, businesses could be encouraged to lower their standards.

So those are to mention but a few reasons/factors as to why Britain should stay as part of the European Union. I’ll say it again. We are better together! All we can do now is sit and wait for this referendum to take place. But let’s hope that the people of Britain, make the right decision!

Why the Liberal Youth plays an important part within the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal youth. What does that mean to you? To me it shows that the Liberal Democrats care about giving young people a voice within politics.

I remember first hearing about the Liberal youth from my old MP and I thought “Hmmm, maybe I could sign up!”. Since then I have never looked back. With the Liberal Youth elections coming up with me running to become part of the policy committee within the Liberal youth, I felt it was important to highlight the massive part it plays within the Liberal Democrats.

In a nut shell the Liberal Youth are the youth and student wing within the Liberal Democrats. Giving young people and students the chance to express their views and make sure their voices are heard within the party. As other parties such as Labour and the Conservatives also have youth and students wings of the party such as Young Labour and Young Conservatives.

It also allows young people to take on responsibilities in running this side of the party. Which can give them great experience for a career within politics and showing that the younger generation really do care about the future of their country.

I’m looking forward to taking part in the Liberal Youth election and hopefully win enough votes to become a member of the policy committee as I would like to make a difference within the Liberal Youth and of course the Liberal  Democrats. Hopefully helping loads of other young and student members like myself along the way and inspire them to take an active role within politics, the party and the future of the Liberal Youth.

I spoke to Liberal Youth candidate for international officer Terry White and asked what the Liberal Youth means to him and how he sees it plays a massive part within the party. This is what Terry had to say:

“I believe Liberal Youth is a significant part of the Liberal Democrats. Liberal Youth can create significant noise at election time and contributes key ideas to our manifesto. I remember at the Norwich North by-election prior to the 2010 general election, key members of Liberal Youth such as Alex Royden were key to the energy at election HQ. Members like Martin Shapland were great representatives to our sister parties across the globe and former chairs such as Elaine Bagshaw are now energetic candidates and I hope Elaine does well in running for Mayor of Tower Hamlets. Of course, Liberal Youth have also created fantastic MPs such as Jo Swinson and I dearly hope she wins back her seat she represented ever so well. Liberal Youth doesn’t just make the future of the Liberal Democrats, it makes the noise.”

So as you can see the Liberal Youth has and always will continue to play a massive part within the Liberal Democrats. I know that the Liberal Youth will become stronger and stronger over the years. Let the nominates for the Liberal Youth election begin!

Why 16 and 17 year olds should be given the right to vote!

If any of you have been following my blog since the very beginning. You will know that my first ever article was my view on if 16 and 17 year olds should be allowed to vote in the EU referendum. And of course I think they should be given the right to vote in the EU referendum. But what about voting as a whole? Well, my view is very much still the same. 16 and 17 year olds SHOULD be given the right to vote. And so think the Liberal Democrats.

Many a times I have heard from the older generation saying that 16 and 17 year olds shouldn’t be given the right to vote because in their eyes they haven’t ‘lived’ yet or they don’t really know what it is all about until they have actually lived under different governments. Nonsense!  Many 16 and 17 year olds I know have a great interest in politics as they care about their future and the future of Britain.

As we live in a democracy, everybody is entitled to their opinion and having their voice heard. What does it matter if your 16 or even 66? Your opinion is just as important. Many issues that are raised in government will effect the younger generation. Such as the rise in tuition fees and the EU referendum.

I also think that if 16 and 17 year olds were allowed to vote in the 2015 general election. The results would have been different. As I feel that the Liberal Democrats would have kept more of their seats as I know many 16 and 17 year olds who support the principles of liberalism and the Liberal Democrats as a party. As well as the Green Party and Labour.

16 and 17 year olds were allowed to vote in Scotland with the vote of whether they wanted to become a independent country. What makes any other election different? It’s still putting a cross into a box about your opinion on a countries decision.

Abby Tomlinson, the creator of Milifandom is living proof that the younger generation are interested in politics. Even though she is a Labour member. I admire her dedicated and courage to stand up for the younger generation and basically say to the Conservatives “Look, we do care why can’t you see that too!” I just wish more teenagers were like Abby, then maybe the Conservatives and David Cameron would finally listen to us and give us the vote that we want and deserve.

Such groups as the Liberal Youth as well is proof that we do have an interest. With many younger people taking active roles within that group, such as a good friend of mine Nathan Goldsmith who is the treasurer for the Liberal  Youth. There needs to be more groups like the Liberal Youth to give younger people a political voice.

Another movement that allows to give young people a voice within politics is the Youth parliament. Which again just like the Liberal Youth, is an absolute treasure in showing that younger people do care.

It’s our future! It’s not the strongest argument in the world. But in my opinion it’s the only argument we need. I just only wish David Cameron and his Conservative government saw it like that too.

The Green Deal: “Cutting carbon is not a luxury to be ditched when the going gets tough!”

Back in 2011, when I was a very young supporter of the Liberal Democrats. I knew back then that I certainly had a passion for one thing as well as mental health. Our environment. So you would not have believed how delighted I was when I watched former MP for Eastleigh and Secretary of Energy and Climate change Chris Huhne announce  the governments Green Deal plan, that the Conservatives have now cut.

As you can seen the Conservatives are already unravelling the good that the Liberal Democrats did during our time in government alongside the Conservatives. This deal in my opinion, helped us to become the greenest government ever between 2010 and 2015. Even though this deal was put in action not until 2013 as part of the 2011 Energy Act. This deal was a good deal!

In a nutshell, the green deal was put in place to help households within Britain make energy-saving improvements to their home and find the best way to pay for them. The Green Deal could help determine if your house could save energy by having such things as

  • insulation, eg solid wall, cavity wall or loft insulation
  • heating
  • draught-proofing
  • double glazing
  • renewable energy generation, eg solar panels

During his speech, there was one line from Chris that drew me to this deal straight away. “Cutting carbon is not a luxury to be ditched when the going gets tough, it is essential to the survival of man kind as a species.” So Mr Cameron. Why would you cut such an amazing plan, that is meant to benefit so many people who may not be able to afford sustainable sources of energy to help people keep a warm maintained house? Whilst also helping to improve the environment.

The green deal also created new jobs in renewable energy, as there are now million of jobs available within low carbon services within Britain and new jobs within heating.Thanks to the Green Deal, thanks to Chris and most importantly, thanks to the Liberal Democrats.

With Chris at the 2011 conference mentioning in his speech that  three hundred thousand people every month leaving the unemployment register with thousands of those people finding jobs within the low carbon economy. Now that is progress! With not forgetting that “Green business, is good business!” 

This plan was set out to improve the people of Britains energy bills, health but also helping to keep our environment safe and renewable. In my opinion the Conservatives have been absolute idiots in ditching this plan that would, help the working people of Britain save money on energy, find safe ways of creating energy without posing a risk to our environment. But most importantly save the government money on energy resources that could been spent as Chris mentioned on British jobs.

Focusing away from The Green Deal for a second and focusing on something Chris said during his speech. The Conservatives still need to get tougher with the big six energy companies by making tariffs more simpler and making it mandatory for energy companies to let you know if you would be better off on another tariff, as many households rarely have the time to search for themselves for cheaper energy tariffs. With OfGem regulators saying that many household could be up to £200 better off a year if they switched to a lowest costing tariff. This would save many households within Britain hard earned money which could be spent on other essentials.

In my opinion, having affordable energy would benefit the older generation the most, as having heat will keep them warm and at a lesser risk of health problems during the winter months.

So come on Mr Cameron. Get your new Secretary for Energy and Climate change to start doing some work to help British households. And maybe think about what you are doing by unravelling the good the Liberal  Democrats did whilst you are at it.

Mental Health: Time The Tories realised!

As Liberal Democrats, we all have one thing in common. We care about the mental health of others. During the coalition government, between 2010 and 2015. Two million people were treated for mental health problems as a result of access to talking therapies being improved. That in my opinion is a coalition positive!

As the ran up to polling day in the 2015 general election began. The Liberal  Democrats made one thing clear in their manifesto. Mental health will never be ignored.By making such motions as increasing the mental health budget for the NHS by £500 million, increase access to talking therapies to hundreds of thousands more people, with a long-term goal of everyone who can benefit being treated and specific proposals to improve mental health services for children, pregnant women and new mothers. This I feel the Liberal Democrats if in government, would have carried these promises out with great success.

During this current government we all need to work together to do a very important thing. Make the Tories realise mental health is just as important as physical health.

As of today, one in four people will suffer for a mental health problem in the course of one year. It shocks me to know that up to a quarter of the words population within one year will suffer from a mental health problem. With the most common who suffer from a mental health problem live in Britain.

Many people fear that they may not be taken seriously by a medical professional if they feel that they have a mental health problem so just decide to keep it hidden. This is something that must stop! The government should be investing more money into charities such as mind and rethink so that they are able to continue the amazing work that they already do.

Charities are so important within the mental health system. As without them I have a feeling that many people would be unable to have access to support that can help them come to terms with their mental health problem and continue with day to day life. As I know how much a mental health problem can effect you from even doing the basic things in life. Such as leaving the house or interacting within social groups.

In the Conservatives 2015 general election manifesto. They made such promises to improve mental services within the NHS by

  • Ensuring that women have access to mental health support during and after pregnancy.
  • Ensuring that psychological therapists are available in every part of the country.
  • Increase funding for mental health care

So Mr Cameron, when are these promises actually going to be carried out? How much are you going to improve the funding by? And would you like to thank the Liberal Democrats at all for being the once to actually improve mental health services whilst you were in government with them? Because without the Liberal Democrats, I have a feeling that mental health would have been ignored and improvements would not have been made.

I would also like to see Heath Secretary Mr Jeremy Hunt address mental health within the NHS, as I feel that he ignores it. Remember Jeremy it’s your job to find ways to improve the system that is meant to help people get back to normal health. Wether that’s physical health or mental health. That would be a great way to score some brownie points with the great British public since you are already doing your job so badly.

As long as I am a Liberal Democrat. I will always continue to help fight the Conservatives and hopefully finally make them realise that mental health, is just as important as physical health.

I have a feeling that if we scream loud enough, our voices will be heard!

My Musings On Running In 2020

As many of you follow me on twitter. You should know that one day I hope to be elected a Liberal Democrat MP hopefully for the Eastleigh constituency (my home town constituency)  in the 2020 general election and make Eastleigh liberal once again. Yes I admit, I fear that I may not be taken seriously as I will only be 22, and as people have said to be me many of times, “What do you know about politics? You haven’t lived yet!”

Growing up in Eastleigh, I watched and admired the two Liberal Democrat MPs (Chris Huhne and Mike Thornton) doing an amazing job as MPs. Seeing and having the privileged of meeting both of them on occasions. I had a revelation.  That’s what I want to do. Make a difference and be respected by the people of my constituency.

If I was ever granted the great honour of being elected as a Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh, I would do everything in my power to make sure the voices of Eastleigh are heard. I would vote for what the people of Eastleigh wanted in the Houses of Parliament, after all it’s your voices I am representing in Parliament alongside the other voices of all Liberal Democrats, and I would always make sure that I take fair and rational decisions. I would also vote for what my party believes in and for what I feel is the best course of action for both the Nation and my Constituents, after all I represent every single one of them, even those who didn’t vote for me.

The main issue I would like to bring to the Conservatives attention is an issue long championed by recently defeated candidate during the Leadership Contest, Norman Lamb. I would strive to improve the funding for mental health services and continue Norman’s work which seems to have been all but forgotten by his Tory Successor, Mr Alistair Burt . I know how the Conservatives don’t see mental health as important as physical health but this is overlooking a large amount of work and investment already given into this crucial and important sector. The Tories stance on this, is in my opinion, utterly wrong. We need to push for the Government to realise that mental health is important and has a massive impact on many people’s life, sometimes adequate support and help can change an entire person’s outlook and future. Unfortunately, the key problem in the sector is that many people do not seek help as they feel that they won’t be taken seriously and the Mantra/Stance taken by the Conservative Government does nought to help this situation.

I cannot simply stress enough my dedication to the place that I call home, my beloved Eastleigh. If I was to become an MP, I would dedicate myself to making sure the voices of Eastleigh are heard within the Houses of Parliament to make sure local issues are heard, debated and resolved. For far too long to people forgo ties to their Constituency to tow the Party line and set themselves up for promotion, that is not me and not my aim. By doing this, I would hope to continue the amazing work of Chris Huhne and Mike Thornton. Who I know personally made a massive difference to Eastleigh and always had the peoples of Eastleighs best interest at heart.

I hope, If selected as candidate for Eastleigh in 2020. I will have the opportunity to show what I can do for the people of Eastleigh and show that the Liberal Democrats can make a difference to Eastleigh and on a national scale once again like Chris and Mike did.

Lets hope I will get the chance to show the people of Eastleigh that I am the one they want representing them in the Houses of Parliament!

The Human Rights Act 1998: Why it must always be protected

After the 2015 general election, David Cameron announced that during his time in government he will try and scrap the Human Rights Act of 1998 and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. After this statement only one thought sprung to mind. Has David Cameron officially lost it?

However with David Camerons small majority. I hardly think this motion will be accepted among the MPs of the House of Commons, let alone the great British public.

As a Liberal Democrat, one my the issues that I feel passionate about is making sure these rights are protected and promoted to help those in poverty, the weak and the vulnerable. I also believe that replacing The Human Rights Act with the British Bill of rights, will break the link between the British courts and European Court of Human Rights. However again, I believe that this ridiculous suggestion of replacing The Human Rights Act will be brought down by the many Labour, SNP and Liberal Democrat MPs. Another act of terror us Liberal Democrats stopped the Conservatives doing during our time in government and will always continue to do.

These rights from the Act must always be protected to help promote fairness and equality between men and women. These right also allows many children to have opportunities and  have the chance of having a decent career and a stable home life. From such rights as “The right to an education” and “The right to liberty and security”.

These rights must also always be protected to help the weak and the vulnerable from discrimination and the freedom from slavery and forced labour. The right to be protected from discrimination helps to keep equality and fairness between both genders with not allowing women to be discriminated against for any reason because they may be seen as the less superior gender. Trust me, women can be just as powerful and opinionated as men. As well as protecting people from being discriminated against because of their sexuality.

This act also supports people who have mental health problems, allowed to be treated fairly and humanly with the right to be protected from mistreatment. As we know, the Conservatives don’t really take mental health that seriously. This Act protects people with mental health issues being discriminated against because of their mental condition. Once a mental health sufferer myself. I know how important it is to be treated fairly and be allowed the same opportunities and the chance to live a normal life, despite suffering from an issue that can have a massive effect on a persons day to day living.

The Human Rights act has already done so much in dictating what governments can and cannot do. It protects the government from snooping on us and our family. Demanded strict authority for public authority within the UK to treat everybody with fairness and equality. Its also helped domestic violence victims and allowed those who are in care to take control of their life decisions.

As long as I am alive. I will always believe that this is one of the most important Acts of our time. I may not agree with much that Tony Blair did during his time in government. But I think that creating this Act was the best thing he did during his time in government. The Liberal Democrats always fought against the Tories to protecting the people of Britains rights during their time in government, still allowing people to live a fair life knowing that they will always have the support of the government if they are discriminated against for any reason.

We will always continue to fight for the rights of people within Britain. whether that’s in the House of Commons, local councils or even campaigning on the streets of Britain. But have not fear, any attempt of taking away or abusing peoples Human Rights. The Liberal Democrats will always be there to protect them and stand up to the Tories.

Let this act continue to do the greatness it has already done!

Jeremy Hunt: Does this man really know anything about the NHS?

In a recent interview, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that he now wants doctors to work seven days a week. Even though they already do. But the question that strikes me about this man is. Does Jeremy Hunt really understand how the NHS works? Back in 1948 when Beaven founded the NHS, I’m sure he would have been furious if he had known that this man was supposed to be running it and the state that is has turned into. Because trust me, This man does not have the patients best interest at heart.

As we should all know, we can’t pick and choose the days we become ill which can lead to unexpected trips to your local A&E department. Yes waiting times can be problem with many Hospitals not reaching the old national target, but I guess it wont be  an issue now since Mr Hunt decided to get rid of the target waiting time to see patients within four hours. Bright idea, NOT!!!

And the recent idea of getting doctors to work seven days a week is outrages, because guess what Jeremy? THEY ALREADY DO!!!! Many doctors work weekends as well as weekdays. Many consultants are always on call so that if there is an emergency, they can be there to give the patient the best chance of making a full recovery. Many doctors work late shifts and may work even more than they are expected to. Medicine is a life commitment, not just a career choice.Have you worked weekends Jeremy? Many of the short staffing problems within the NHS isn’t due to the doctors. It’s due to lack of resources because many services are not available on the NHS at the weekends. This includes radiological investigations and physiotherapy.

And another important point, when the Conservatives promised in their 2015 general election manifesto that they are going to give an extra £8 billion to the NHS by the end of the next government (Which was a Liberal Democrats policy). Did they even think they would be able to keep that promise? Jeremy Hunt shouldn’t be targeting Hospital Consultants. He should be finding a way to be able to give more patients access to GP services without putting a strain on the resources and most importantly the doctors, as many medical student do not pursue the medical career path of becoming a GP.

Bed blocking is also a big problem problem within the NHS. This is because many Hospitals are taking in elderly patients because they are not able to find a suitable setting for the patient and an appropriate carer for when the patient is discharged. Maybe Jeremy you should also focus on creating more residential care homes. This may take the strain away a little bit from Hospitals and their resources which will more beds will become available for critically ill patients.

I also hardly hear him talk about mental health nowadays. One thing the Conservatives don’t realise is that mental health, is just as equally important as physical health. Something the Liberal Democrats realise and highlighted in their 2015 general election manifesto. Thanks to the Liberal Democrats, during the coalition government two million mental health patients were treated as a result of access to talking therapies being improved. I have a feeling that if Mr Hunt addressed the mental health side of the NHS and improved the budget and access to treatments, less beds would be taken up due to self inflicting injuries.

The only thing I do agree with what Jeremy is doing, is to charge patients who don’t turn up for their GP appointments. Many people don’t turn up to their appointment which leads to a unnecessary waste of time in which another patient could have been treated. With many patients waiting at least three weeks for a GP appointment. Which can result in many patients even turning up to A&E with minor illnesses because they were not able to get an appointment with their GP.

What Jeremy Hunt really needs to do, is to gather research on what is really causing troubles within the NHS and come up with a plan to resolve those issues. Rather than just trying to blame other people than himself for what the state of the NHS is in and cutting money and resources. What ever happened to the term for the NHS treating people “From the cradle to the grave!”? Something I think Jeremy Hunt has forgotten all about.

Why I joined the Liberal Democrats


Like I have always said, within politics you decide to join a party because you believe  their views, polices and believe that they are best for the country. That is exactly why I decided to join the Liberal Democrats. Yes, we may not be the biggest party within British politics. But we are strong, passionate and by god we will always be there to stand up for the little people within Britain who may not have their voice heard.

People have always said to me why I bother with the party, Well for me I have always been passionate about one thing, liberalism. I believe that people have the right to decide how they live their life and everyone has the right to have their opinion heard no matter what background they may come from.

Another reason I joined the Liberal  Democrats is I always know, if you have a Liberal Democrat MP in your constituency. They will always be there for you, as mine was to help my family when we needed him. And that man is Chris Huhne. During his time as the MP for Eastleigh Chris helped my family on not one, but two occasions.

The first one was when social services failed to help my autistic twin brother find a place at a local residential home so that we could be close to him, Chris was their to fight our corner and made sure social services find him a local place. He also showed great compassion towards my parents for the stress they had been put through and showed that he really cared about people. Thanks to his time, dedication  and commitment, social services provided my brother with a place at a local residential home and continues to be very happy their till this very day and we see him on a weekly basis which means that he is still very much part of the family.

The other occasion in which Chris helped my family was when my granddad was left paralysed from the waist down due to medical negligence that could have been avoided, he was there every step of the way to make sure my granddad got the care and compensation that he deserved, sadly my granddad past away in 2011 but I remember my grandmother saying, if it wasn’t for Chris my granddad would not have gotten the amazing care throughout the last few years of his life when my grandmother was no longer able to look after him by herself. But also in the eight years that Chris was our MP, he did so much good for the people of Eastleigh, and was and always will be well respected by the people within the consistency with many people still commenting today about his commitment and effort. So in a way it’s thanks to Chris that my passion for politics and the Liberal  Democrats grew. If it wasn’t for him this blog wouldn’t exist and I would not be as passionate about the future of this country.

I hope when I stand as the Eastleigh candidate in the 2020 general election (hopefully), I will be the one to make Eastleigh a Liberal  Democrat consistency once again and be able to continue the amazing work where Chris and not forgetting Mike Thornton left off. I will always be grateful to Chris for as long as I live for what he did and he will always be my inspiration and reason I got into politics.

So as you can see if you have a Liberal Democrat MP, they will always stand by you when you need them.

Also as a strong mental health activist after suffering from mental health issues myself, I believe that the Liberal Democrats are the only party that are really fighting for the current government and the NHS to finally realise that mental health is just as important as physical health. We have shown that we can make a difference as a party within mental health as shown during our time in government with the Conservatives, as two million mental health patients had been treated as a result of access to talking therapies being improved between 2010-2015. I will always believe that if we continue to make a lot of noise to make the Conservative improve the budget for mental health, one day they will finally have to listen to us.

As for freedom and equality, I believe that their is no other party that is better for promoting these values then us. We have always believed no matter who you are or when you come from, you have the same amount of rights as everyone else to shine and discover your potential. We believe that you should not be treated different for any reason such as gender, sexuality, beliefs or orientation. I also believe that it is always essential that we have and always will continue to block any attempts of the Snooper Charter being implemented within the UK by the Conservatives. And of course not forgetting the ridiculous idea of ID card. In my opinion these acts and motions abuses the basic Human Right of The Right to Privacy.

As long as the Conservatives and Labour are trying to block out the little guy, we will always be there to make sure that peoples Human Rights are not being taken away and that the little people get their say within government. I’m proud to support a party that is doing so much to try and make our country have a stronger economy and a fairer society. I will always be there supporting them, no matter what the other parties try and throw at us.