Dear Jeremy…



Dear Jeremy,

As a student nurse, it is my duty to tell people that you are destroying the NHS.

I love every single moment of what I do. Nursing is my calling but I feel that because of you, I may not be able to fulfil that calling to the best of my ability. For too long you have been making the NHS weaker and weaker, taking it away bit by bit till one day (and I dread to think is) the National Health service will be no more.

On my placements, I am given the privilege of looking after amazing people who need help getting better. I have had the privilege of working in some amazing hospitals that go above and beyond to look after their patients, but no matter what hospital I am in I notice the same problems occurring again and again. Lack of staff, patients discharge being delayed due to the lack of social care and are placements available and lack of beds. It breaks my heart when I see a medically fit patient who just wants to go home but can’t because they have no package of social care in place.

So how did you think the best way to deal with the lack of staff was? Cut the bursary and grant for new nursing students. So, would you describe the fact that nursing applications for undergraduate university courses have done by 23% a success? The only way I can afford to pay my rent and living expenses on whilst I work 37.5 hours a week on placement, is because of my bursary and grant. For far too long you have been saying there is just no money for NHS, and yet there was still enough money for MPs to get an 11% pay rise and failed to fine people who avoid paying a little bit of tax on their earnings and you froze nursing pay rises to 1%. The Liberal Democrats solution of introducing a 1p tax to help fund the NHS is one of the best ideas I have ever heard, and will give the NHS the money it needs.

Mental health is something you just like to sweep under the carpet. I was on the CAMHS waiting list for eight months before I got to see someone, but I have known people who have been waiting longer. Not good enough Jeremy, in a world where 1 in 4 of us will suffer from a mental health problem sometime in our life. I was just very fortunate to have a GP who offered to see me once a week until I could get a CAMHS appointment, but many people are not fortunate enough to get that and have to suffer in silence. Does your Tory government really take mental health seriously? I think not.

There have been days on placement where I have cried because I feel like I can’t do the best for my patients with limited resources available. When patients have had to wait longer then necessary for basically personal care such as washes because of the lack of staffing. I very rarely leave a shift dead on time as I have to make sure I have done every job I am assigned to before a shift ends. Operations being cancelled is starting to become the norm and this is not acceptable. GP classing three weeks waiting time for an appointment as the norm and we just accept this when we shouldn’t.

What’s the thing that makes me angry the most about your government? I have never filled with so much rage until Theresa May failed the answer the question when Andrew Marr asked her how she could justify nurses having to go to food banks to support their family. Nurses pay doesn’t reflect the skill and ability you need to be a nurse. Nursing is a lot more than just floating around wards holding patient’s hands. We have to do personal care, observations, medications and a lot of paperwork.

We need someone who is going to fight for the NHS, and quite frankly Jeremy you are not in the slightest the right person for the job. I couldn’t think of anymore more caring about the NHS than Norman Lamb. He has the right and sensible ideas on how to get funding for the NHS, he appreciates the amazing work and NHS staff do and most importantly, he takes mental health seriously. You could learn a hell of a lot from Norman, Jeremy.

I love my profession with all my heart. I love the feeling of seeing a patient that I helped care for over their time In hospital leave with a smile on their face happy and healthy, with one patient I cared for even writing on their feedback form “This student will make a first class nurse!” I never want to be in the position where I fear that I will have to give up my profession because of your selfish government. I stand with my fellow nurses in saying, more needs to be done before It is too late.  Aneurin Bevan would be ashamed of you.

Hopefully one day you will wake up and realise, you really have screwed it up.

Yours sincerely

A very angry student nurse




The beginning, the middle and the end!


So this month marks a year and a half of my membership with the Liberal Democrats. Whats it been like? Absolutely incredible.

My experiences within the Lib Dems has not only grown me as a person, but also socially.

When I first joined back in April 2015 I joined with a vision. I wanted to do everything I can to help our country be liberal. I wanted to do what the Lib Dems had done for me. To help people.

Since April 2015, my life has been filled with many experiences that I will treasure forever. And I finally met the man (Chris Huhne) who I had been dreaming to meet for years to say thank you for what he had done for my family whilst he was our Lib  Dem MP.

I have grown as a person by publicly speaking in front of over 1,000 people at the 2015 Autumn conference. I have become the vice-president of my Lib  Dem society at my university and Eastleighs social media officer.

However. I always knew right for the moment I sent off my membership form that my time in politics wouldn’t last forever. At the start I had dreamt of one day becoming the MP for Eastleigh or at least being on the council.

But times have changed and that is not what I desire anymore I want my only focus to be to become the nurse I can. So in October 2019 when  I graduate as a fully qualified nurse. I will be resigning my membership of the Liberal Democrats and retiring from politics. 

After I graduate, I want my main focus to continue to develop my career as a nurse and within the speciality of gynaecology oncology. It has my dream ever since I was a little girl to become a nurse and I feel I wouldn’t be able to be the best nurse I can be if I also dedicated my time to politics.

But for now, the time I have left in politics and within the Liberal Democrats I want to make sure I have the best time possible. I will be attending as many conferences as humanly possible, to  make sure the Lib Dem society at my university continues to be successful and build more friendships with people.

When I do leave, I will look back on my time in politics as an honour and never regret doing what i’ve done. I just hope I would have made some sort of a positive difference.


The EU referendum: My experience


In the early hours on the 24th June 2016, I was sitting at my count in Eastleigh waiting for our results to be announced for the Borough. Worrying that the result for our country and our future was not the one I was hoping for.

Not long after 10pm, the ballot boxes began to arrive and the counting of the votes began. As my role as a counting agent I stood there watching the votes being unfolded and I started to see what I saw as a worrying pattern. Leave, leave, remain, leave. And as the counting went on I saw this same pattern again and again.

Then at 3:30am on Friday 24th June 2016, The Eastleigh Borough  results were announced and that 52.5% of people who had voted in the Borough, wanted to LEAVE the European union. At this point in time as well I was starting to hear results from all around the country. And as dawn broke I woke up to the news that I really didn’t want to hear. Britain had voted to LEAVE the EU and that David Cameron had announced his resignation as prime minister.

At that point in time when I heard the news  I felt a mixture of emotions (anger, sadness, confusion)but most of all, heartbreak! Heartbreak because I knew that this result, would have a big impact on my generation and the many generations that are yet to come.

During the weeks leading up I campaigned as much as I could with the Eastleigh Liberal Democrats because I had (and still have) the strong belief that Britain in better off within the EU.

I believed this for a number of reasons such as the freedom of movement within EU countries which meant as a student nurse I would have the chance to study freely within EU countries if I so desired. As well as access to free health care within EU countries, the many different types of rights we got from the EU, as well as well movement of trade with EU countries.

Whilst I was out door knocking, leafleting or helping out of Stronger IN stalls I met a very different variety of people with all different types of stories from how they have benefited from us being to EU, to being shouted at and even had a door slammed in my face by leave voters. However i’ll never forgot the two loveliest leave voters I met at my count, who didn’t rub it in our faces that we lost, they showed us respect and dignity, which is what all people within politics should show to each other, no matter what their opinion.

I’ll also never forget when I was helping out on the stall at Eastleigh Market and I was explaining to an undecided voter, my reasons for why I think we should stay within the EU. Not only had I managed to convince him to vote remain, but he also said to me “You know, we need more young people like you to get involved and take an interest in politics. You my dear are a breath of fresh air!”

Remain campaigners  we should not forgot all our efforts and hard work over the many weeks we campaigned. We did our best, and we can be proud of that.

But now we must leave and try and move on as a nation and as people! The challenges that are ahead are ones we must face together! We will not let this defeat us. We are British, and we can be proud of how far we have come.



My first year


As of the 14th April 2016 I have officially been a member of the Liberal Democrats for one whole year. And did I renew my membership? Of course I did! It’s safe to say it has been an eventful and rewarding year.

So much has happened in the past twelve months that has made me realised that the Liberal Democrats is where I belong.

One of the highlights of my first year is that I have had the privileged of attending two federal conferences. Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016. It is fair to say that conference is an absolutely blast. At my very first conference I spoke in the general election review, this was a very rewarding yet terrifying experience. However the positive feedback I received afterwords from fellow members made all those nerves worth while. It also gave me the chance to meet many people who I had spoken to on twitter and may have gone a bit crazy on the spending in the conference shop.This is also where I met the leader himself Tim Farron, he is one of the nicest and down to earth people I have ever met. It was great to talk to him.

Spring 2016 also taught me what conference on a shoe string really meant, with spending most of the money I had in Wetherspoons. However it was still one hell of a weekend (despite the limited funds I had left after!) Spring was also the closest I had even been to meeting Nick Clegg, and even getting a photo with his back (close enough). It was also the first chance I had voting for policy which made the whole weekend even more rewarding. I look forward to Autumn 2016.

The biggest achievement in my first year as a member has to be within only six months of becoming a member and thinking that nobody knew who I was, I was elected to become part of the policy committee within the Liberal Youth. Holding this position has been an amazing experience for me and I’m so lucky to be working with such an amazing policy officer.

Locally (Eastleigh) as well I have been helping out in elections as much as I can. The first ever election I helped out in was the by-election in  Chandlers Ford in October 2015. This was the first time that I had ever been canvassing which I really enjoyed.It was also where I was given my first ever Liberal Democrat rosette by ex Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton. I now wear this rosette every time I go canvassing.

I have also been helping out in the recent local election. On Wednesday 27th April I went canvassing with the leader himself (Tim Farron) in Bishopstoke with my local party and even got to knock a few doors with him. On Saturday I did my first ever round of delivery. This was a very interesting experience with me learning a few things; 1. A dog may bite your fingers off (as one was very close to biting me) 2. Take your headphones, your going to need them. I look forwarding to casting my first ever vote on May 5th, for the Liberal Democrats of course!

I hope to increase my involvement within my local party more in the upcoming months.

But despite all the politics, I have made a great deal of  friends. Many who I shared a drink, or two with at conference.And some I talk to on a regular basis

Without the party I would have never met one my dearest friends, Callum Littlemore who I always have to send a photo of my conference outfits for approval. Thank you Callum for being the most amazing liberal friend a girl could ask for.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have made me feel so welcome and supported me throughout my first twelve and a half months of being a member.

I can not wait to see what the next twelve months hold. But I know it will be an adventure!


An update!

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates on my blog recently. I have just been so busy with my current studies. However I would still love to continue to write articles for this blog however they may not be as frequent than they use to be. As my studies is my number one priority.

I was however in early October elected in the Liberal Youth election to become part of their policy committee alongside a lovely bunch of people who I am very much enjoying working with and am looking forward to continuing with my term on the committee.

I promise I will start writing again soon.