Dear Jeremy…



Dear Jeremy,

As a student nurse, it is my duty to tell people that you are destroying the NHS.

I love every single moment of what I do. Nursing is my calling but I feel that because of you, I may not be able to fulfil that calling to the best of my ability. For too long you have been making the NHS weaker and weaker, taking it away bit by bit till one day (and I dread to think is) the National Health service will be no more.

On my placements, I am given the privilege of looking after amazing people who need help getting better. I have had the privilege of working in some amazing hospitals that go above and beyond to look after their patients, but no matter what hospital I am in I notice the same problems occurring again and again. Lack of staff, patients discharge being delayed due to the lack of social care and are placements available and lack of beds. It breaks my heart when I see a medically fit patient who just wants to go home but can’t because they have no package of social care in place.

So how did you think the best way to deal with the lack of staff was? Cut the bursary and grant for new nursing students. So, would you describe the fact that nursing applications for undergraduate university courses have done by 23% a success? The only way I can afford to pay my rent and living expenses on whilst I work 37.5 hours a week on placement, is because of my bursary and grant. For far too long you have been saying there is just no money for NHS, and yet there was still enough money for MPs to get an 11% pay rise and failed to fine people who avoid paying a little bit of tax on their earnings and you froze nursing pay rises to 1%. The Liberal Democrats solution of introducing a 1p tax to help fund the NHS is one of the best ideas I have ever heard, and will give the NHS the money it needs.

Mental health is something you just like to sweep under the carpet. I was on the CAMHS waiting list for eight months before I got to see someone, but I have known people who have been waiting longer. Not good enough Jeremy, in a world where 1 in 4 of us will suffer from a mental health problem sometime in our life. I was just very fortunate to have a GP who offered to see me once a week until I could get a CAMHS appointment, but many people are not fortunate enough to get that and have to suffer in silence. Does your Tory government really take mental health seriously? I think not.

There have been days on placement where I have cried because I feel like I can’t do the best for my patients with limited resources available. When patients have had to wait longer then necessary for basically personal care such as washes because of the lack of staffing. I very rarely leave a shift dead on time as I have to make sure I have done every job I am assigned to before a shift ends. Operations being cancelled is starting to become the norm and this is not acceptable. GP classing three weeks waiting time for an appointment as the norm and we just accept this when we shouldn’t.

What’s the thing that makes me angry the most about your government? I have never filled with so much rage until Theresa May failed the answer the question when Andrew Marr asked her how she could justify nurses having to go to food banks to support their family. Nurses pay doesn’t reflect the skill and ability you need to be a nurse. Nursing is a lot more than just floating around wards holding patient’s hands. We have to do personal care, observations, medications and a lot of paperwork.

We need someone who is going to fight for the NHS, and quite frankly Jeremy you are not in the slightest the right person for the job. I couldn’t think of anymore more caring about the NHS than Norman Lamb. He has the right and sensible ideas on how to get funding for the NHS, he appreciates the amazing work and NHS staff do and most importantly, he takes mental health seriously. You could learn a hell of a lot from Norman, Jeremy.

I love my profession with all my heart. I love the feeling of seeing a patient that I helped care for over their time In hospital leave with a smile on their face happy and healthy, with one patient I cared for even writing on their feedback form “This student will make a first class nurse!” I never want to be in the position where I fear that I will have to give up my profession because of your selfish government. I stand with my fellow nurses in saying, more needs to be done before It is too late.  Aneurin Bevan would be ashamed of you.

Hopefully one day you will wake up and realise, you really have screwed it up.

Yours sincerely

A very angry student nurse




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