The beginning, the middle and the end!


So this month marks a year and a half of my membership with the Liberal Democrats. Whats it been like? Absolutely incredible.

My experiences within the Lib Dems has not only grown me as a person, but also socially.

When I first joined back in April 2015 I joined with a vision. I wanted to do everything I can to help our country be liberal. I wanted to do what the Lib Dems had done for me. To help people.

Since April 2015, my life has been filled with many experiences that I will treasure forever. And I finally met the man (Chris Huhne) who I had been dreaming to meet for years to say thank you for what he had done for my family whilst he was our Lib  Dem MP.

I have grown as a person by publicly speaking in front of over 1,000 people at the 2015 Autumn conference. I have become the vice-president of my Lib  Dem society at my university and Eastleighs social media officer.

However. I always knew right for the moment I sent off my membership form that my time in politics wouldn’t last forever. At the start I had dreamt of one day becoming the MP for Eastleigh or at least being on the council.

But times have changed and that is not what I desire anymore I want my only focus to be to become the nurse I can. So in October 2019 when  I graduate as a fully qualified nurse. I will be resigning my membership of the Liberal Democrats and retiring from politics. 

After I graduate, I want my main focus to continue to develop my career as a nurse and within the speciality of gynaecology oncology. It has my dream ever since I was a little girl to become a nurse and I feel I wouldn’t be able to be the best nurse I can be if I also dedicated my time to politics.

But for now, the time I have left in politics and within the Liberal Democrats I want to make sure I have the best time possible. I will be attending as many conferences as humanly possible, to  make sure the Lib Dem society at my university continues to be successful and build more friendships with people.

When I do leave, I will look back on my time in politics as an honour and never regret doing what i’ve done. I just hope I would have made some sort of a positive difference.