The Liberal Youth 2015 election: What I can offer!

Hannah Ashworth manifesto

After much debating and convincing from a very good friend. I have finally found the confidence to stand in this years Liberal Youth election to become a member of the policy committee. Through this article and my manifesto. I would like to present to you what I would do if elected member of the policy committee.

So why did I decide to run I hear you ask? I’m not running in this election to boost my career in politics. I’m running to help the younger generation have their voices heard. I care passionately about helping the young people have their say. I like so many other young people care about the future of our country. And I believe that the Liberal Democrats are the right party to keep our country fair and stable. Like Tim Farron said “We joined as a vocation not a career choice!” and I honour this statement.

Communication is key within the Liberal Youth to keep members up to date with new and exciting polices. The main feature of my manifesto highlights how I would use technology to get as many members of the Liberal Youth involved within the policy committee as possible. Mainly by creating social media events by using tools such as Google hangout by hosting monthly sessions.

By doing this, I hope it will allow many Liberal Youth members to have a say on what they think of our polices, what they would like to see us discuss at committee meetings and what they think we could improve on. Every Liberal Youth member deserves a say on the committees decision making. As without the Liberal Youth members, we would not have the privilege of holding positions within the Liberal Youth.

I would work alongside the policy officer, no matter who that may be. To make sure that our policy system is fair and orderly. Working together with other officers is key to allow the Liberal Youth to the best it can be and allow us to do everything we can for our members.

Another useful tool I would use to keep members up to date with the policy committees work is by posting updates on this very blog. I believe that all Liberal Youth members should be kept up to current speed with any work we are carrying out and any polices we are currently discussing.

I am already overwhelmed with the amount of support I have been receiving from other Liberal Youth members. With such members as Terry  White (Who is also standing is this election, but for International officer) commenting:

“Hannah is bursting with ambition and no new member is bursting with ambition as much as Hannah is. Hannah’s social media feed has been non stop with creativity and the great liberal message. If there’s anyone who deserves your vote for policy committee, it’s Hannah.” 

And Callum-James Littmore commenting:

“Never in all my life have I met someone with so much passion, energy and charisma as Hannah. She is a fiercely loyal liberal who certainly knows how to fight a good fight and is just one of the many great examples of young Liberal Democrats now making their voices heard. 

What makes Hannah unique is her sheer ability to smile and get on with things, no matter how difficult or disheartening they may be. She has also shown herself to be a dab hand at Social Media, a skill we need to greatly capitalise on in the Party

Thus for me she is the only candidate for PCM who strikes the balance between ability and experience almost perfectly, bringing both fresh, new ideas with an individual panache that I feel will invigorate those she interacts with to really help establish a connection and link between both the active and disconnected members of the Party”

I hope through the Liberal Youth election I can show how committed I am to helping the parties future and helping the younger generation have their voices heard within politics.

A vote for me, is a vote for dedication and hard work. That is a promise.

Please support me in my campaign by liking my Facebook page, following me of twitter, sharing my manifesto. And by using the hashtag #Hannah4policycommittee.

Thank You 🙂


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