Better together: Why Britain should stay in the EU!

One of the biggest decisions that will be made in this current Government is. Should Britain stay part of the European Union?

As their is expected to be a referendum held in 2017 to decide this matter however some people have even speculated that the vote could place as early as next year. The EU referendum played a massive part in the Conservatives 2015 general election manifesto with the Liberal Democrats stopping any chance of a referendum taking place during their time in Government with the Conservatives from 2010-2015. And In my opinion WE SHOULD  stay part of the European Union. We are better together!

When people are deciding to vote if they think we should leave, they should think about not just the benefits of staying in. But the effect it could have on the nation as a whole if we did decide to leave.

One of the biggest factor if we left the European Union is the effect that it will have on the British economy. UKIP have it in their head that we would be able to survive. I don’t think we would. As Britain counts for less than 1% of the worlds population and less than 3% of global income.

I’ve heard some people mention that Britain would actually save money as the Government would not be paying the £55 million fee a year to be part of the European Union which could be spent on other sectors in Britain such as the NHS or education. But when you actually think about it, £55 million isn’t that much for this current government. So you can’t use that one UKIP!

Many British businesses are in favour of staying as part of the European Union. A survey carried out by the Financial Times should that of 3,800 businesses earlier this year found 63 per cent believe that leaving the EU would have a  bad impact for Britain, a rise of 4 percentage points since the end of 2014. As the EU is one of the biggest trading partners and the largest consumer market in the world, so leaving the European union would pose a big risk. Last year alone Britain exported £147 billion worth on good and services to countries that are part of the European Union. Down by 2% from 2013.

So as you can see. Britain would not be able to be economically stable for long if we left the European union as we would lose vital trading relationships between other countries that are part of the union with us.

There are other vital factors that could effect Britain if we left. Such as EU consumer laws which provide for refunds or other solutions  for customers when they are not happy with a product/service. For example in cases involving defective products, unfair contract terms or flights that are delayed or cancelled. As with employment and environmental laws, businesses could be encouraged to lower their standards.

So those are to mention but a few reasons/factors as to why Britain should stay as part of the European Union. I’ll say it again. We are better together! All we can do now is sit and wait for this referendum to take place. But let’s hope that the people of Britain, make the right decision!


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