Why the Liberal Youth plays an important part within the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal youth. What does that mean to you? To me it shows that the Liberal Democrats care about giving young people a voice within politics.

I remember first hearing about the Liberal youth from my old MP and I thought “Hmmm, maybe I could sign up!”. Since then I have never looked back. With the Liberal Youth elections coming up with me running to become part of the policy committee within the Liberal youth, I felt it was important to highlight the massive part it plays within the Liberal Democrats.

In a nut shell the Liberal Youth are the youth and student wing within the Liberal Democrats. Giving young people and students the chance to express their views and make sure their voices are heard within the party. As other parties such as Labour and the Conservatives also have youth and students wings of the party such as Young Labour and Young Conservatives.

It also allows young people to take on responsibilities in running this side of the party. Which can give them great experience for a career within politics and showing that the younger generation really do care about the future of their country.

I’m looking forward to taking part in the Liberal Youth election and hopefully win enough votes to become a member of the policy committee as I would like to make a difference within the Liberal Youth and of course the Liberal  Democrats. Hopefully helping loads of other young and student members like myself along the way and inspire them to take an active role within politics, the party and the future of the Liberal Youth.

I spoke to Liberal Youth candidate for international officer Terry White and asked what the Liberal Youth means to him and how he sees it plays a massive part within the party. This is what Terry had to say:

“I believe Liberal Youth is a significant part of the Liberal Democrats. Liberal Youth can create significant noise at election time and contributes key ideas to our manifesto. I remember at the Norwich North by-election prior to the 2010 general election, key members of Liberal Youth such as Alex Royden were key to the energy at election HQ. Members like Martin Shapland were great representatives to our sister parties across the globe and former chairs such as Elaine Bagshaw are now energetic candidates and I hope Elaine does well in running for Mayor of Tower Hamlets. Of course, Liberal Youth have also created fantastic MPs such as Jo Swinson and I dearly hope she wins back her seat she represented ever so well. Liberal Youth doesn’t just make the future of the Liberal Democrats, it makes the noise.”

So as you can see the Liberal Youth has and always will continue to play a massive part within the Liberal Democrats. I know that the Liberal Youth will become stronger and stronger over the years. Let the nominates for the Liberal Youth election begin!


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