The Green Deal: “Cutting carbon is not a luxury to be ditched when the going gets tough!”

Back in 2011, when I was a very young supporter of the Liberal Democrats. I knew back then that I certainly had a passion for one thing as well as mental health. Our environment. So you would not have believed how delighted I was when I watched former MP for Eastleigh and Secretary of Energy and Climate change Chris Huhne announce  the governments Green Deal plan, that the Conservatives have now cut.

As you can seen the Conservatives are already unravelling the good that the Liberal Democrats did during our time in government alongside the Conservatives. This deal in my opinion, helped us to become the greenest government ever between 2010 and 2015. Even though this deal was put in action not until 2013 as part of the 2011 Energy Act. This deal was a good deal!

In a nutshell, the green deal was put in place to help households within Britain make energy-saving improvements to their home and find the best way to pay for them. The Green Deal could help determine if your house could save energy by having such things as

  • insulation, eg solid wall, cavity wall or loft insulation
  • heating
  • draught-proofing
  • double glazing
  • renewable energy generation, eg solar panels

During his speech, there was one line from Chris that drew me to this deal straight away. “Cutting carbon is not a luxury to be ditched when the going gets tough, it is essential to the survival of man kind as a species.” So Mr Cameron. Why would you cut such an amazing plan, that is meant to benefit so many people who may not be able to afford sustainable sources of energy to help people keep a warm maintained house? Whilst also helping to improve the environment.

The green deal also created new jobs in renewable energy, as there are now million of jobs available within low carbon services within Britain and new jobs within heating.Thanks to the Green Deal, thanks to Chris and most importantly, thanks to the Liberal Democrats.

With Chris at the 2011 conference mentioning in his speech that  three hundred thousand people every month leaving the unemployment register with thousands of those people finding jobs within the low carbon economy. Now that is progress! With not forgetting that “Green business, is good business!” 

This plan was set out to improve the people of Britains energy bills, health but also helping to keep our environment safe and renewable. In my opinion the Conservatives have been absolute idiots in ditching this plan that would, help the working people of Britain save money on energy, find safe ways of creating energy without posing a risk to our environment. But most importantly save the government money on energy resources that could been spent as Chris mentioned on British jobs.

Focusing away from The Green Deal for a second and focusing on something Chris said during his speech. The Conservatives still need to get tougher with the big six energy companies by making tariffs more simpler and making it mandatory for energy companies to let you know if you would be better off on another tariff, as many households rarely have the time to search for themselves for cheaper energy tariffs. With OfGem regulators saying that many household could be up to £200 better off a year if they switched to a lowest costing tariff. This would save many households within Britain hard earned money which could be spent on other essentials.

In my opinion, having affordable energy would benefit the older generation the most, as having heat will keep them warm and at a lesser risk of health problems during the winter months.

So come on Mr Cameron. Get your new Secretary for Energy and Climate change to start doing some work to help British households. And maybe think about what you are doing by unravelling the good the Liberal  Democrats did whilst you are at it.


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