Mental Health: Time The Tories realised!

As Liberal Democrats, we all have one thing in common. We care about the mental health of others. During the coalition government, between 2010 and 2015. Two million people were treated for mental health problems as a result of access to talking therapies being improved. That in my opinion is a coalition positive!

As the ran up to polling day in the 2015 general election began. The Liberal  Democrats made one thing clear in their manifesto. Mental health will never be ignored.By making such motions as increasing the mental health budget for the NHS by £500 million, increase access to talking therapies to hundreds of thousands more people, with a long-term goal of everyone who can benefit being treated and specific proposals to improve mental health services for children, pregnant women and new mothers. This I feel the Liberal Democrats if in government, would have carried these promises out with great success.

During this current government we all need to work together to do a very important thing. Make the Tories realise mental health is just as important as physical health.

As of today, one in four people will suffer for a mental health problem in the course of one year. It shocks me to know that up to a quarter of the words population within one year will suffer from a mental health problem. With the most common who suffer from a mental health problem live in Britain.

Many people fear that they may not be taken seriously by a medical professional if they feel that they have a mental health problem so just decide to keep it hidden. This is something that must stop! The government should be investing more money into charities such as mind and rethink so that they are able to continue the amazing work that they already do.

Charities are so important within the mental health system. As without them I have a feeling that many people would be unable to have access to support that can help them come to terms with their mental health problem and continue with day to day life. As I know how much a mental health problem can effect you from even doing the basic things in life. Such as leaving the house or interacting within social groups.

In the Conservatives 2015 general election manifesto. They made such promises to improve mental services within the NHS by

  • Ensuring that women have access to mental health support during and after pregnancy.
  • Ensuring that psychological therapists are available in every part of the country.
  • Increase funding for mental health care

So Mr Cameron, when are these promises actually going to be carried out? How much are you going to improve the funding by? And would you like to thank the Liberal Democrats at all for being the once to actually improve mental health services whilst you were in government with them? Because without the Liberal Democrats, I have a feeling that mental health would have been ignored and improvements would not have been made.

I would also like to see Heath Secretary Mr Jeremy Hunt address mental health within the NHS, as I feel that he ignores it. Remember Jeremy it’s your job to find ways to improve the system that is meant to help people get back to normal health. Wether that’s physical health or mental health. That would be a great way to score some brownie points with the great British public since you are already doing your job so badly.

As long as I am a Liberal Democrat. I will always continue to help fight the Conservatives and hopefully finally make them realise that mental health, is just as important as physical health.

I have a feeling that if we scream loud enough, our voices will be heard!


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