My Musings On Running In 2020

As many of you follow me on twitter. You should know that one day I hope to be elected a Liberal Democrat MP hopefully for the Eastleigh constituency (my home town constituency)  in the 2020 general election and make Eastleigh liberal once again. Yes I admit, I fear that I may not be taken seriously as I will only be 22, and as people have said to be me many of times, “What do you know about politics? You haven’t lived yet!”

Growing up in Eastleigh, I watched and admired the two Liberal Democrat MPs (Chris Huhne and Mike Thornton) doing an amazing job as MPs. Seeing and having the privileged of meeting both of them on occasions. I had a revelation.  That’s what I want to do. Make a difference and be respected by the people of my constituency.

If I was ever granted the great honour of being elected as a Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh, I would do everything in my power to make sure the voices of Eastleigh are heard. I would vote for what the people of Eastleigh wanted in the Houses of Parliament, after all it’s your voices I am representing in Parliament alongside the other voices of all Liberal Democrats, and I would always make sure that I take fair and rational decisions. I would also vote for what my party believes in and for what I feel is the best course of action for both the Nation and my Constituents, after all I represent every single one of them, even those who didn’t vote for me.

The main issue I would like to bring to the Conservatives attention is an issue long championed by recently defeated candidate during the Leadership Contest, Norman Lamb. I would strive to improve the funding for mental health services and continue Norman’s work which seems to have been all but forgotten by his Tory Successor, Mr Alistair Burt . I know how the Conservatives don’t see mental health as important as physical health but this is overlooking a large amount of work and investment already given into this crucial and important sector. The Tories stance on this, is in my opinion, utterly wrong. We need to push for the Government to realise that mental health is important and has a massive impact on many people’s life, sometimes adequate support and help can change an entire person’s outlook and future. Unfortunately, the key problem in the sector is that many people do not seek help as they feel that they won’t be taken seriously and the Mantra/Stance taken by the Conservative Government does nought to help this situation.

I cannot simply stress enough my dedication to the place that I call home, my beloved Eastleigh. If I was to become an MP, I would dedicate myself to making sure the voices of Eastleigh are heard within the Houses of Parliament to make sure local issues are heard, debated and resolved. For far too long to people forgo ties to their Constituency to tow the Party line and set themselves up for promotion, that is not me and not my aim. By doing this, I would hope to continue the amazing work of Chris Huhne and Mike Thornton. Who I know personally made a massive difference to Eastleigh and always had the peoples of Eastleighs best interest at heart.

I hope, If selected as candidate for Eastleigh in 2020. I will have the opportunity to show what I can do for the people of Eastleigh and show that the Liberal Democrats can make a difference to Eastleigh and on a national scale once again like Chris and Mike did.

Lets hope I will get the chance to show the people of Eastleigh that I am the one they want representing them in the Houses of Parliament!


One thought on “My Musings On Running In 2020

  1. Don’t forget, Scotland elected the youngest ever MP in May, she’s only 20! And before that, the youngest ever MP was none other than Charles Kennedy. Don’t count yourself out just because of your age. What you stand for and what you can offer should be what gets you the votes.

    I’m thinking of standing as a councillor in my local area; there’s zero LD presence in the Selby & Ainsty constituency at the moment, and so attempting to get a liberal MP is a task that stretches far beyond 2020 I’m afraid. But keep believing, stay positive and who knows what will happen! 😊

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