The Human Rights Act 1998: Why it must always be protected

After the 2015 general election, David Cameron announced that during his time in government he will try and scrap the Human Rights Act of 1998 and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. After this statement only one thought sprung to mind. Has David Cameron officially lost it?

However with David Camerons small majority. I hardly think this motion will be accepted among the MPs of the House of Commons, let alone the great British public.

As a Liberal Democrat, one my the issues that I feel passionate about is making sure these rights are protected and promoted to help those in poverty, the weak and the vulnerable. I also believe that replacing The Human Rights Act with the British Bill of rights, will break the link between the British courts and European Court of Human Rights. However again, I believe that this ridiculous suggestion of replacing The Human Rights Act will be brought down by the many Labour, SNP and Liberal Democrat MPs. Another act of terror us Liberal Democrats stopped the Conservatives doing during our time in government and will always continue to do.

These rights from the Act must always be protected to help promote fairness and equality between men and women. These right also allows many children to have opportunities and  have the chance of having a decent career and a stable home life. From such rights as “The right to an education” and “The right to liberty and security”.

These rights must also always be protected to help the weak and the vulnerable from discrimination and the freedom from slavery and forced labour. The right to be protected from discrimination helps to keep equality and fairness between both genders with not allowing women to be discriminated against for any reason because they may be seen as the less superior gender. Trust me, women can be just as powerful and opinionated as men. As well as protecting people from being discriminated against because of their sexuality.

This act also supports people who have mental health problems, allowed to be treated fairly and humanly with the right to be protected from mistreatment. As we know, the Conservatives don’t really take mental health that seriously. This Act protects people with mental health issues being discriminated against because of their mental condition. Once a mental health sufferer myself. I know how important it is to be treated fairly and be allowed the same opportunities and the chance to live a normal life, despite suffering from an issue that can have a massive effect on a persons day to day living.

The Human Rights act has already done so much in dictating what governments can and cannot do. It protects the government from snooping on us and our family. Demanded strict authority for public authority within the UK to treat everybody with fairness and equality. Its also helped domestic violence victims and allowed those who are in care to take control of their life decisions.

As long as I am alive. I will always believe that this is one of the most important Acts of our time. I may not agree with much that Tony Blair did during his time in government. But I think that creating this Act was the best thing he did during his time in government. The Liberal Democrats always fought against the Tories to protecting the people of Britains rights during their time in government, still allowing people to live a fair life knowing that they will always have the support of the government if they are discriminated against for any reason.

We will always continue to fight for the rights of people within Britain. whether that’s in the House of Commons, local councils or even campaigning on the streets of Britain. But have not fear, any attempt of taking away or abusing peoples Human Rights. The Liberal Democrats will always be there to protect them and stand up to the Tories.

Let this act continue to do the greatness it has already done!


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