Why I joined the Liberal Democrats


Like I have always said, within politics you decide to join a party because you believe  their views, polices and believe that they are best for the country. That is exactly why I decided to join the Liberal Democrats. Yes, we may not be the biggest party within British politics. But we are strong, passionate and by god we will always be there to stand up for the little people within Britain who may not have their voice heard.

People have always said to me why I bother with the party, Well for me I have always been passionate about one thing, liberalism. I believe that people have the right to decide how they live their life and everyone has the right to have their opinion heard no matter what background they may come from.

Another reason I joined the Liberal  Democrats is I always know, if you have a Liberal Democrat MP in your constituency. They will always be there for you, as mine was to help my family when we needed him. And that man is Chris Huhne. During his time as the MP for Eastleigh Chris helped my family on not one, but two occasions.

The first one was when social services failed to help my autistic twin brother find a place at a local residential home so that we could be close to him, Chris was their to fight our corner and made sure social services find him a local place. He also showed great compassion towards my parents for the stress they had been put through and showed that he really cared about people. Thanks to his time, dedication  and commitment, social services provided my brother with a place at a local residential home and continues to be very happy their till this very day and we see him on a weekly basis which means that he is still very much part of the family.

The other occasion in which Chris helped my family was when my granddad was left paralysed from the waist down due to medical negligence that could have been avoided, he was there every step of the way to make sure my granddad got the care and compensation that he deserved, sadly my granddad past away in 2011 but I remember my grandmother saying, if it wasn’t for Chris my granddad would not have gotten the amazing care throughout the last few years of his life when my grandmother was no longer able to look after him by herself. But also in the eight years that Chris was our MP, he did so much good for the people of Eastleigh, and was and always will be well respected by the people within the consistency with many people still commenting today about his commitment and effort. So in a way it’s thanks to Chris that my passion for politics and the Liberal  Democrats grew. If it wasn’t for him this blog wouldn’t exist and I would not be as passionate about the future of this country.

I hope when I stand as the Eastleigh candidate in the 2020 general election (hopefully), I will be the one to make Eastleigh a Liberal  Democrat consistency once again and be able to continue the amazing work where Chris and not forgetting Mike Thornton left off. I will always be grateful to Chris for as long as I live for what he did and he will always be my inspiration and reason I got into politics.

So as you can see if you have a Liberal Democrat MP, they will always stand by you when you need them.

Also as a strong mental health activist after suffering from mental health issues myself, I believe that the Liberal Democrats are the only party that are really fighting for the current government and the NHS to finally realise that mental health is just as important as physical health. We have shown that we can make a difference as a party within mental health as shown during our time in government with the Conservatives, as two million mental health patients had been treated as a result of access to talking therapies being improved between 2010-2015. I will always believe that if we continue to make a lot of noise to make the Conservative improve the budget for mental health, one day they will finally have to listen to us.

As for freedom and equality, I believe that their is no other party that is better for promoting these values then us. We have always believed no matter who you are or when you come from, you have the same amount of rights as everyone else to shine and discover your potential. We believe that you should not be treated different for any reason such as gender, sexuality, beliefs or orientation. I also believe that it is always essential that we have and always will continue to block any attempts of the Snooper Charter being implemented within the UK by the Conservatives. And of course not forgetting the ridiculous idea of ID card. In my opinion these acts and motions abuses the basic Human Right of The Right to Privacy.

As long as the Conservatives and Labour are trying to block out the little guy, we will always be there to make sure that peoples Human Rights are not being taken away and that the little people get their say within government. I’m proud to support a party that is doing so much to try and make our country have a stronger economy and a fairer society. I will always be there supporting them, no matter what the other parties try and throw at us.


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