My Musings On Running In 2020

As many of you follow me on twitter. You should know that one day I hope to be elected a Liberal Democrat MP hopefully for the Eastleigh constituency (my home town constituency)  in the 2020 general election and make Eastleigh liberal once again. Yes I admit, I fear that I may not be taken seriously as I will only be 22, and as people have said to be me many of times, “What do you know about politics? You haven’t lived yet!”

Growing up in Eastleigh, I watched and admired the two Liberal Democrat MPs (Chris Huhne and Mike Thornton) doing an amazing job as MPs. Seeing and having the privileged of meeting both of them on occasions. I had a revelation.  That’s what I want to do. Make a difference and be respected by the people of my constituency.

If I was ever granted the great honour of being elected as a Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh, I would do everything in my power to make sure the voices of Eastleigh are heard. I would vote for what the people of Eastleigh wanted in the Houses of Parliament, after all it’s your voices I am representing in Parliament alongside the other voices of all Liberal Democrats, and I would always make sure that I take fair and rational decisions. I would also vote for what my party believes in and for what I feel is the best course of action for both the Nation and my Constituents, after all I represent every single one of them, even those who didn’t vote for me.

The main issue I would like to bring to the Conservatives attention is an issue long championed by recently defeated candidate during the Leadership Contest, Norman Lamb. I would strive to improve the funding for mental health services and continue Norman’s work which seems to have been all but forgotten by his Tory Successor, Mr Alistair Burt . I know how the Conservatives don’t see mental health as important as physical health but this is overlooking a large amount of work and investment already given into this crucial and important sector. The Tories stance on this, is in my opinion, utterly wrong. We need to push for the Government to realise that mental health is important and has a massive impact on many people’s life, sometimes adequate support and help can change an entire person’s outlook and future. Unfortunately, the key problem in the sector is that many people do not seek help as they feel that they won’t be taken seriously and the Mantra/Stance taken by the Conservative Government does nought to help this situation.

I cannot simply stress enough my dedication to the place that I call home, my beloved Eastleigh. If I was to become an MP, I would dedicate myself to making sure the voices of Eastleigh are heard within the Houses of Parliament to make sure local issues are heard, debated and resolved. For far too long to people forgo ties to their Constituency to tow the Party line and set themselves up for promotion, that is not me and not my aim. By doing this, I would hope to continue the amazing work of Chris Huhne and Mike Thornton. Who I know personally made a massive difference to Eastleigh and always had the peoples of Eastleighs best interest at heart.

I hope, If selected as candidate for Eastleigh in 2020. I will have the opportunity to show what I can do for the people of Eastleigh and show that the Liberal Democrats can make a difference to Eastleigh and on a national scale once again like Chris and Mike did.

Lets hope I will get the chance to show the people of Eastleigh that I am the one they want representing them in the Houses of Parliament!


The Human Rights Act 1998: Why it must always be protected

After the 2015 general election, David Cameron announced that during his time in government he will try and scrap the Human Rights Act of 1998 and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. After this statement only one thought sprung to mind. Has David Cameron officially lost it?

However with David Camerons small majority. I hardly think this motion will be accepted among the MPs of the House of Commons, let alone the great British public.

As a Liberal Democrat, one my the issues that I feel passionate about is making sure these rights are protected and promoted to help those in poverty, the weak and the vulnerable. I also believe that replacing The Human Rights Act with the British Bill of rights, will break the link between the British courts and European Court of Human Rights. However again, I believe that this ridiculous suggestion of replacing The Human Rights Act will be brought down by the many Labour, SNP and Liberal Democrat MPs. Another act of terror us Liberal Democrats stopped the Conservatives doing during our time in government and will always continue to do.

These rights from the Act must always be protected to help promote fairness and equality between men and women. These right also allows many children to have opportunities and  have the chance of having a decent career and a stable home life. From such rights as “The right to an education” and “The right to liberty and security”.

These rights must also always be protected to help the weak and the vulnerable from discrimination and the freedom from slavery and forced labour. The right to be protected from discrimination helps to keep equality and fairness between both genders with not allowing women to be discriminated against for any reason because they may be seen as the less superior gender. Trust me, women can be just as powerful and opinionated as men. As well as protecting people from being discriminated against because of their sexuality.

This act also supports people who have mental health problems, allowed to be treated fairly and humanly with the right to be protected from mistreatment. As we know, the Conservatives don’t really take mental health that seriously. This Act protects people with mental health issues being discriminated against because of their mental condition. Once a mental health sufferer myself. I know how important it is to be treated fairly and be allowed the same opportunities and the chance to live a normal life, despite suffering from an issue that can have a massive effect on a persons day to day living.

The Human Rights act has already done so much in dictating what governments can and cannot do. It protects the government from snooping on us and our family. Demanded strict authority for public authority within the UK to treat everybody with fairness and equality. Its also helped domestic violence victims and allowed those who are in care to take control of their life decisions.

As long as I am alive. I will always believe that this is one of the most important Acts of our time. I may not agree with much that Tony Blair did during his time in government. But I think that creating this Act was the best thing he did during his time in government. The Liberal Democrats always fought against the Tories to protecting the people of Britains rights during their time in government, still allowing people to live a fair life knowing that they will always have the support of the government if they are discriminated against for any reason.

We will always continue to fight for the rights of people within Britain. whether that’s in the House of Commons, local councils or even campaigning on the streets of Britain. But have not fear, any attempt of taking away or abusing peoples Human Rights. The Liberal Democrats will always be there to protect them and stand up to the Tories.

Let this act continue to do the greatness it has already done!

Jeremy Hunt: Does this man really know anything about the NHS?

In a recent interview, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that he now wants doctors to work seven days a week. Even though they already do. But the question that strikes me about this man is. Does Jeremy Hunt really understand how the NHS works? Back in 1948 when Beaven founded the NHS, I’m sure he would have been furious if he had known that this man was supposed to be running it and the state that is has turned into. Because trust me, This man does not have the patients best interest at heart.

As we should all know, we can’t pick and choose the days we become ill which can lead to unexpected trips to your local A&E department. Yes waiting times can be problem with many Hospitals not reaching the old national target, but I guess it wont be  an issue now since Mr Hunt decided to get rid of the target waiting time to see patients within four hours. Bright idea, NOT!!!

And the recent idea of getting doctors to work seven days a week is outrages, because guess what Jeremy? THEY ALREADY DO!!!! Many doctors work weekends as well as weekdays. Many consultants are always on call so that if there is an emergency, they can be there to give the patient the best chance of making a full recovery. Many doctors work late shifts and may work even more than they are expected to. Medicine is a life commitment, not just a career choice.Have you worked weekends Jeremy? Many of the short staffing problems within the NHS isn’t due to the doctors. It’s due to lack of resources because many services are not available on the NHS at the weekends. This includes radiological investigations and physiotherapy.

And another important point, when the Conservatives promised in their 2015 general election manifesto that they are going to give an extra £8 billion to the NHS by the end of the next government (Which was a Liberal Democrats policy). Did they even think they would be able to keep that promise? Jeremy Hunt shouldn’t be targeting Hospital Consultants. He should be finding a way to be able to give more patients access to GP services without putting a strain on the resources and most importantly the doctors, as many medical student do not pursue the medical career path of becoming a GP.

Bed blocking is also a big problem problem within the NHS. This is because many Hospitals are taking in elderly patients because they are not able to find a suitable setting for the patient and an appropriate carer for when the patient is discharged. Maybe Jeremy you should also focus on creating more residential care homes. This may take the strain away a little bit from Hospitals and their resources which will more beds will become available for critically ill patients.

I also hardly hear him talk about mental health nowadays. One thing the Conservatives don’t realise is that mental health, is just as equally important as physical health. Something the Liberal Democrats realise and highlighted in their 2015 general election manifesto. Thanks to the Liberal Democrats, during the coalition government two million mental health patients were treated as a result of access to talking therapies being improved. I have a feeling that if Mr Hunt addressed the mental health side of the NHS and improved the budget and access to treatments, less beds would be taken up due to self inflicting injuries.

The only thing I do agree with what Jeremy is doing, is to charge patients who don’t turn up for their GP appointments. Many people don’t turn up to their appointment which leads to a unnecessary waste of time in which another patient could have been treated. With many patients waiting at least three weeks for a GP appointment. Which can result in many patients even turning up to A&E with minor illnesses because they were not able to get an appointment with their GP.

What Jeremy Hunt really needs to do, is to gather research on what is really causing troubles within the NHS and come up with a plan to resolve those issues. Rather than just trying to blame other people than himself for what the state of the NHS is in and cutting money and resources. What ever happened to the term for the NHS treating people “From the cradle to the grave!”? Something I think Jeremy Hunt has forgotten all about.

Why I joined the Liberal Democrats


Like I have always said, within politics you decide to join a party because you believe  their views, polices and believe that they are best for the country. That is exactly why I decided to join the Liberal Democrats. Yes, we may not be the biggest party within British politics. But we are strong, passionate and by god we will always be there to stand up for the little people within Britain who may not have their voice heard.

People have always said to me why I bother with the party, Well for me I have always been passionate about one thing, liberalism. I believe that people have the right to decide how they live their life and everyone has the right to have their opinion heard no matter what background they may come from.

Another reason I joined the Liberal  Democrats is I always know, if you have a Liberal Democrat MP in your constituency. They will always be there for you, as mine was to help my family when we needed him. And that man is Chris Huhne. During his time as the MP for Eastleigh Chris helped my family on not one, but two occasions.

The first one was when social services failed to help my autistic twin brother find a place at a local residential home so that we could be close to him, Chris was their to fight our corner and made sure social services find him a local place. He also showed great compassion towards my parents for the stress they had been put through and showed that he really cared about people. Thanks to his time, dedication  and commitment, social services provided my brother with a place at a local residential home and continues to be very happy their till this very day and we see him on a weekly basis which means that he is still very much part of the family.

The other occasion in which Chris helped my family was when my granddad was left paralysed from the waist down due to medical negligence that could have been avoided, he was there every step of the way to make sure my granddad got the care and compensation that he deserved, sadly my granddad past away in 2011 but I remember my grandmother saying, if it wasn’t for Chris my granddad would not have gotten the amazing care throughout the last few years of his life when my grandmother was no longer able to look after him by herself. But also in the eight years that Chris was our MP, he did so much good for the people of Eastleigh, and was and always will be well respected by the people within the consistency with many people still commenting today about his commitment and effort. So in a way it’s thanks to Chris that my passion for politics and the Liberal  Democrats grew. If it wasn’t for him this blog wouldn’t exist and I would not be as passionate about the future of this country.

I hope when I stand as the Eastleigh candidate in the 2020 general election (hopefully), I will be the one to make Eastleigh a Liberal  Democrat consistency once again and be able to continue the amazing work where Chris and not forgetting Mike Thornton left off. I will always be grateful to Chris for as long as I live for what he did and he will always be my inspiration and reason I got into politics.

So as you can see if you have a Liberal Democrat MP, they will always stand by you when you need them.

Also as a strong mental health activist after suffering from mental health issues myself, I believe that the Liberal Democrats are the only party that are really fighting for the current government and the NHS to finally realise that mental health is just as important as physical health. We have shown that we can make a difference as a party within mental health as shown during our time in government with the Conservatives, as two million mental health patients had been treated as a result of access to talking therapies being improved between 2010-2015. I will always believe that if we continue to make a lot of noise to make the Conservative improve the budget for mental health, one day they will finally have to listen to us.

As for freedom and equality, I believe that their is no other party that is better for promoting these values then us. We have always believed no matter who you are or when you come from, you have the same amount of rights as everyone else to shine and discover your potential. We believe that you should not be treated different for any reason such as gender, sexuality, beliefs or orientation. I also believe that it is always essential that we have and always will continue to block any attempts of the Snooper Charter being implemented within the UK by the Conservatives. And of course not forgetting the ridiculous idea of ID card. In my opinion these acts and motions abuses the basic Human Right of The Right to Privacy.

As long as the Conservatives and Labour are trying to block out the little guy, we will always be there to make sure that peoples Human Rights are not being taken away and that the little people get their say within government. I’m proud to support a party that is doing so much to try and make our country have a stronger economy and a fairer society. I will always be there supporting them, no matter what the other parties try and throw at us.

Tim Farron becomes the new leader of the Liberal Democrats

I would like to say a massive congratulations to Tim Farron for being elected as the new leader of The Liberal Democrats. As a passionate liberal democrat myself, I have always been passionate and shown my support for Tim to become our next leader.

I believe that Tim is the right man to lead us in the fight back as a party and know that as leader, he will achieve great things and make our party strong again. However I would also like to say well done to Norman Lamb for also delivering an excellent campaign during the leadership election and know that he will continue to do great things within the party.

Congratulations Tim, I look forward to meeting you at conference.

Budget 2015: The Tories have just begun

On the 8th July 2015, Chancellor George Osborne announced his budget for the new Government after the 2015 general election which saw the Conservatives win with the majority of seats within The House of Commons. Now, even though I see some of the points of the budget effective, some I think will have a massive effect of people within the country mainly on education. And we all know how much the Tories love to cut, cut, cut.

One shocking factor which I think will have a massive effect on the future generation is the scrap of University maintenance grants being replaced with loans that students will have to pay back after they graduate and earn over £21,000. Something the Liberal Democrats stopped during the coalition government As I know from many friends that have been to university, so many rely on the maintenance grants to help them through university. University can open so many opportunities and should not just be limited to the rich and fortunate.

However one factor I feel that will benefit the next generation is the introduction of the National Living wage of £7.20 to over 25s. This will take effect from April 2016 and is set to be increased to £9.00 by the end of this government in 2020. But I feel that this may not be enough to help the less fortunate to have stable and comfortable living and financial situation.

One thing that I feel the Tories have finally put a cap on is the the amount of household benefit to £20,000 a year or £23,000 if you live in London. I feel happy that the Conservatives are finally addressing this issue which saw many people abusing the system by claiming benefits for the children and not even attempting to find a job. However I feel that this may have a massive effect on people who haven’t been abusing the system and making genuine claims. Hopefully these will make the welfare state system more affordable and make it fairer for what the tax payers pay into it.

George Osborne also announced that from September 2017, they would offer 30 hours free childcare for 3 for 4 year old’s. Correct if i’m wrong but this was a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT POLICY, Which was mentioned in the Liberal Democrats 2015 general election manifesto. But we all know how much the Tories love taking credit for the Liberal Democrats work, such as creating 2 million apprenticeships which again was a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT POLICY, and also promising £8 million for the NHS which again, you guessed it was a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT POLICY!!!!

There was also said that all public sector workers would be given a 1% pay rise which would be locked for four years, this will take effect from 2016. I feel that this pay rise is not good enough for out public sector workers. As a student nurse myself, I feel that all public sectors deserve a better pay rise for all the hard work and effort they put into keeping the public sector working. Even though MPs have been offered a 11% pay rise.

But hopefully this government will finally tackle tax avoidance as it became a massive issue during the last government. They Conservatives have promised more resources for HMRC Revenue and Customs so that they can make sure people are paying the right amount of tax against what they earn. Some of the ways the government hope to clamp of tax avoidance is, tripling the number of criminal investigations HMRC can undertake into complex, making sure international companies pay tax on profits diverted from the UK and allowing HMRC to access more data to identify businesses that aren’t declaring or paying tax. Hopefully this will take effect on the amount of people who avoid paying tax.

Some other polices that was announced in the budget was, the deficit will be reduced by 1% each year, the tax free personal allowances will be increased to £11,000 in April 2016 which I feel will benefit many people on low incomes to help them provide for their families. This Governments ambition is to increase the personal allowance to £12,500 by 2020. This will see people who are working 30 hours a week on national minimum wage pay no income tax at all. This also means that in 2017 the average tax payer will £905 better off. Which if this promise is carried out, can make a huge difference for the better for benefiting many low income families within the country.

I have to say out of all the budgets I’ve acknowledged during my involvement within British politics, this is the one that appeals to me the most. I feel that this budget, if the Conservatives manage to keep their promises can benefit many low income families within Britain. However I feel that is budget will have a massive effect on the amount of people from low income families who apply and wish to go to university may struggle to because of the cut of the university maintenance  grants and replacing them with loans which will instead leaving them in more debt when they leave university. Is the start we will really want for the next generation? Leaving them with debt when they have just started their career?

I also feel that this budget will effect people with such mental health disorders as depression and bi-polar because they will be £1,500 a year worse off. The money given to them to them by government, is meant to help them get extra support to enable them to get back into work and start living a normal life again. Taking vital money away from them that is meant to help people get back into the workplace, will only hold them back.

Will this budget benefit the country? Only time will tell.