REVIEW: Chris Huhnes appearance on BBC This Week

On the 4th June 2015, former Secretary of Energy and Climate Change and Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh Chris Huhne made an appearance on BBC This Week to give his view on the future of the Liberal Democrats. In my opinion I think this was an excellent report, pin pointing why the Liberal Democrats will always be needed within British politics.

Quoting from his report “Liberalism has plenty of modern battles to fight!”, and I agree with Chris. As long as we have the big guys trying to out rule the little guys, the Liberal Democrats will always be needed.

He pointed out many good liberal values  such as the motto of tolerance and the states roll which gave us the principles of  democracy, the rule of law, equal votes, gay rights and the insurance welfare state. And that liberalism is about giving the little people a voice and empowerment.

After the video link, he made a traffic job in defending Liberalism when Diane Abbott branded the Liberal Democrats a ‘dustbin party’ and said that Nick Clegg had trashed the brand of the Liberal Democrats, then Chris  saying that the bounce back for the Liberal Democrats can be done much, much faster and making the point we were worse off in the 1950s when we were down to just 6 MPs.

Overall I believe that this report by Chris Huhne was both excellent and showed  passion for the party and liberal values. I would personally like to see more from Chris.

So from the wise words of Chris “Get off the floor, dust yourself down, clamp on the armour, the fight back begins!” and boy, I can see this fightback being a grand one.


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