The Liberal Democrats: Why they will always be needed within British politics

Many people say after the unfortunately and sad death of a great politician and Liberal Democrat Charles Kennedy that the need to fight for liberalism is dead, we are all liberals now so there is no need for the Liberal Democrats to fight for liberal values.

After our heartbreaking result in the 2015 general election with losing 49 of our parliamentary seats, many people are saying is there still a need for the Liberal Democrats within UK politics. Do I still think the Liberal Democrats are needed? And in my opinion in the words of Ed Miliband, hell yes.

Despite this result in the general election, there will always be a need for the Liberal Democrats.whether it’s standing up for gay rights, mental health or stopping the Conservatives from abolishing The Human Rights Act, you can guarantee that the Liberal Democrats will be there fighting with all their strength.

We are the part that gave you the £2.5 billion pupil premium, made improvements to mental health within the NHS by getting two million more patients treated by giving them access to talk therapies  between 2010-2015.

We will stand up for the little guys when the big guys think they can get one over us and our country.

I know as so does many Liberal Democrats, the fight back will be long, hard and a challenge. But I know we can give Britain it’s liberal voice back in 2020.

Will we will always stand to build to stronger economy and a fairer society no matter what battles come our way. Liberalism has many battles left to fight. And we will be there.

So in the words of Chris Huhne former Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh from this report for BBC This Week, “Get off the floor, dust yourself down, clamp on the armour. The fight back begins!”


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