The positive impact a coalition government had on our country

Many people saying that the Liberal  Democrats were fools for agreeing to go into a coalition government  with the Conservatives. Do I agreeing that going into a coalition government with the Conservatives was a mistake? No, not at all!

The Liberal Democrats during the coalition government faced many challenges such as the resignation of their energy and climate secretary and MP for Eastleigh Chris Huhne, however luckily they managed to keep the seat till the 2015 general election which saw the Eastleigh seat go to the Conservatives. Also facing huge  controversy for breaking their promise saying in their 2010 manifesto that they would vote against any rise in tuition fees. However some may say that under the new scheme they are better off after they have left university with a massive debt.

However, without the Liberal  Democrats. I think the country would be worse off because they stopped the Conservatives for making any unnecessary cuts.

The Liberal Democrats delivered a £2.5 billion pupil premium to help disadvantage children within school. As I was in secondary school during the first years of the coalition government, I as have many others benefited from this.

Another positive from the last coalition government was that the Liberal Democrats created 2 million apprenticeships and offered 15 hours free childcare.

As a result also the deficit was cut by half. That’s a huge improvement after the last Labour majority government.

As for tax, there has been given a £800 tax cut for anybody on low to middle incomes.

The Liberal Democrats also made a massive improvement on mental health within the NHS as increasing access to talk therapies as 2 million more patients have been treated since 2010. They also introduced the first ever waiting time standards for treating mental health patients, without a coalition government, in my opinion I don’t think these improvements on mental health would have been made.

So, as you can see. The last coalition government had a massive positive impact on the country. Despite some of the negative aspects such as the rise in tuition fees and the introduction of the bed room tax.

Without the Liberal Democrats stopping the Conservatives for making any unnecessary decisions. I dread to think of the state this country would be in today.


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