Why I think Tim Farron is the right man to lead the Liberal Democrats

The resignation of Nick Clegg instantly triggered a leadership election as to who would take over as leader of the Liberal Democrats. Both candidates are brilliant (Norman Lamb and Tim Farron) but in my opinion there is only one man for the job, and that is Tim Farron.

As being a massive supporter of Tim of years, I was absolutely delighted when he announced that he would be running in the leadership election. One of the things that I like about Tim the most is his dedicated to the members of the Liberal Democrats, he voted against the raise in tuition fees  and voted for same-sex marriage.

What I also think is brilliant is how he has recently signed the parliamentary motion calling for 16 and 17 years to be able to vote in any future EU referendum. He also takes the time to listen and answer many Liberal Democrats questions on twitter. I also believe that he is the one who will stand up to David Cameron about him abolishing the Human Rights Act. An act that is so very important to every UK citizen.

If you want a leader who you know will stand up for Liberal values and will help the Liberal Democrats rise again. VOTE TIM FARRON!!!


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